Silent Hunter III

Silent Hunter III 1.4

Silent Hunter 3 is a submarine simulation game for Windows.

Silent Hunter 3 is a submarine simulation game for Windows. The game takes place during World War 2. You are given the task to captain a submarine which is a part of the North-Atlantic fleet. Your orders are to patrol the seas. Every patrol mission will determine the outcome of your whole career. If you do well during a patrol, and, say, destroy several enemy submarines, the next time you go out, your crew will perform better. In other words, your crew will earn experience every time they go out to the sea. The game is relatively slow-paced, so if you are looking for an action game, you might as well keep looking. However, the strategy involved in commanding a submarine is challenging, to say the least. It is also really rewarding. You get to manage everything on board. And, ultimately, it will be your fault if your submarine gets sank. The graphics aren't really something to call home about, but since you are stuck in an iron tube, you don't really need fancy graphics. If you like war games in general, you will like this one.

José Fernández
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  • Strategic game


  • Slow-paced
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